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Please know that most of us curently selling hoops on line consider the term "weighted hula hoop" as a way to distinguish our custom hoops from the kid's hoops sold in the big box stores like K-mart, Wal Mart etc.

The Hula Hoop category consists of the largest selection of hoops available anywhere.  For the heavier exercise hoops we provide three sizes and weights in two different design patterns and 6 color combinations.  We will provide custom colors combinations of the existing colored tapes on request. If you want a swirl pattern of green and red just ask.  In addition we provide lighter dance and performance hoops for the more experienced hooper as well as beginners who want to do more of the dance and off body moves that require the hoop to rotate faster, with the same variety of color and size choices.  The hoops with all vinyl tapes are less expensive than the decorative glitter tapes but offer the same quality hoop.

This category also includes Canyon Arm Hoops which are an excellent alternative to using hand weights to tone arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.  By clicking on the collapsible hoops you can choose from two different hoops as well.  We carry the Infinity Collapsible Exercise travel hoop, which is equivalent in size to our weighted exercise hoops in two different sizes, and we carry the Infinity Dance Pro collapsible hoop available in a lighter material 40" diameter size.  We haven't forgotton about the younger set as we also carry children's and youth hoops.


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weighted arm hoops

Canyon Arm Hoops will tone arms, chest, and shoulders. A great alternative to lifting weights, more comfortable and easier to use than similar pilates arm circles.

Child & Youth Hula Hoop

Children and Youth hula hoops in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and bright decorative tapes.  Sized and weighted to get your child up and moving for health, fitness, weight loss, and just plain fun.  Get yourself and your child a Canyon Hoop and enjoy the benefits of hooping for fun and a healthy lifestyle. 


$25.00 - $30.00
Dance Hula Hoop

Want to begin adding some variety to your hooping by getting into Dance hooping?  This 3/4" I.D. HDPE hula hoop is ideal for learning and performing hoop dance routines and all those cool moves you see experienced hoopers having so much fun with on youtube and at festivals! We've added a 1" wide Gaffers grip tape for extra grip for isolations on body and off body moves. With weights from 15 to 20 ounces and 36", 38" and 40" diameter hoops you can choose the hoop and color combination that is just right for you.  We can customize the size and color combination of your choice. Call 503-728-8502.

$39.99 - $49.99
Collapsible Hula Hoop

The ONLY patented collapsible hoop made in the USA. Not one of those imports that come in pieces and are not really collapsible.  Enjoy the convenience of having your hoop with you anywhere you go. No assembly -- just twist the hoop and it quickly swivels to an infinity shape and then folds over to a convenient carrying size. Includes a reusable velcro tie to keep your hoop in a tight circle when closed.   Available in small 38" 1.5 lb, 40" 1.75 lb or 42" 2.0 lbs size and weight and six cool glitter and grip tape color combinations. All of these hoops are decorated with colorful 1" glitter and 1" gaffers grip tapes for extra sticky to keep you hooping.

$44.99 - $64.98
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